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How do I change my password?
You can access and edit all your profile information by going to 'my profile' and logging in, you will find it under the menu 'personal details'
What $ hourly or $ daily rate should I fill in to my profile?
We suggest you put in a reasonable rate relative to your skills and experience. If you put your rate too high and not realistic then you will be less likely to be picked up for contract work by an employer, but don't under sell yourself either. You are able to change your rate in your profile if you find you need to.
Why should I complete all fields in my profile?
The more information displayed on your profile makes you a more attractive job seeker for potential employers. They will look into your profile and compare it with others who may seem more suitable because they have entered more specific information explaining what skills they have.
What message should I write to the employer of the job I am applying for?
Just a short message stating why that particular job appeals to you and why you would be good for that specific job.
Does it matter if I don't have any licences?
Not all employers seek licenced people to carry out their work. If you have them, list them, if you think a licence will help you get a job easier, click on this link to our recommended training organisation that can help point you in the right direction to get qualified. (Insert link)
Do I have to have an ABN to use employ me?
If you are applying for a full time or part time position then no. If you are applying for contract work most employers will prefer one, but you will need a tax file number if the agreement is for casual work.
I don't have an ABN how can I get one?
You can apply for an ABN by visiting these website, or alternatively, speak to your accountant. https://www.ato.gov.au/General/Online-services/In-detail/Transact-Online/Apply-for-an-ABN/
What sort of profile picture should I have?
In order to avoid those that may tend to 'judge a book by its cover' we suggest getting a nice head shot. Nothing over the top, just neat clean and clear, even a smile if it suits.
What work experiences is important to have listed on my page?
Any work experience relative to the skills you have listed in your profile is good. The more information you can put forward will help the potential employer match your skills to their needs.
What parts of my personal information will be shown to people on the site?
What you see in your viewable profile will be on display.